The company ANDREAS NIKAS S.A. main policy is to operate in a way that respects energy consumption, preventing and reducing the effects of its activities on the environment and minimizing risks.


In particular, the strategic orientation of the company has been designed with the aim of:


Continuously improving its energy performance.

Providing the required resources for the implementation of the Energy Management System and for the achievement of the Energy Goals and Objectives.

Recognizing and fully complying with the Energy Legislation that governs every activity performed by it.

Setting clear, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound Energy goals and objectives, review them annually and take any necessary action to achieve them.

improving its energy efficiency through the supply of energy equipment and services.

Monitoring and measuring its Energy Efficiency.

Training and sensitizing all the company’s employees on Energy Management and Environmental Protection issues.

Implementing and continuously improving its Energy Management System.

Cooperating with national and local bodies charged with the protection of the environment – energy

Commiting to the body’s energy consumption

Supporting the purchase of energy products to improve energy efficiency

Communicating its policy to employees, business partners and other interested parties.

The company’s Policy is achieved through the implementation of the Energy Management System which meets the requirements of the ISO Standard


The framework and mechanism for defining and reviewing the objectives and goals is set in the regular reviews of the System by Management.