Andreas Nikas S.A.

A.Nikas S.A is a distinguished company, counting 40 years of uninterrupted presence in the automotive industry while it is also the first company specializing in the construction, conversion and modification of midi-buses, minibus and special vehicles.

Throughout its journey, the company keeps investing in its constant evolution and development by adopting all new trends and identifying market opportunities.

The past few years, A. NIKAS S.A. has been heavily investing in e-mobility and is able to offer solutions in terms of professional vehicles and urban transit vehicles via its exclusive collaboration with the renowned bus supplier, KING LONG.

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Vehicle Categories


Tourist bus

We hold all the necessary certifications and offer the most popular tourist and transfer minibus models, based on the Mercedes- Benz chassis as well as on other chassis too.


School bus

We are also involved in the design and construction of school buses – with the ultimate goal to cover the transport needs and the children’s safety in transit.


Cooling Vans

We offer you the unique ability to acquire a complete cooling vehicle; you may choose between a van or truck up to 7,5 tones which shall be converted into the type of cooling vehicle of your preference.


Electric Buses

E -mobility constitutes a big challenge in Europe and in Greece as well, since the reduction of the vehicle emissions and noise, will promote an increase in the quality of breathable air and consequently improve the quality in the daily life.

Why Us

After an extremely successful course of 40 years, in the field of professional vehicles , A.NIKAS S.A is applying the most modern techniques and is strictly abiding to the international standards. This way the company is ahead of the trends of time and always in a position to offer to their clients what they need at all times.



Which describes the vehicles and service we offer



Is our major pylon in our business relationships and collaborations



Through continuous investment in new technologies , such as e-mobility



Which is guaranteed throughout all procedures via the respective certifications that our company holds

Our Collaborations

We are your partner. We pursue to establish long term relationships with our clients, our suppliers and all our business associates. Our utmost goal is to keep our products standing out for their top quality and timelessness.

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