A.Nikas S.A. provides electric vehicle charging solutions.

We provide with solutions for domestic and professional installations, as well as for public spaces according to international standards. The stations can be powered by single-phase or three-phase supply and offer various power ranges ​​with AC models and DC models (fast chargers).

Find out our solutions for commercial utilization of charging stations in your business area. Hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, commercial real estate companies, movie theaters and even football stadiums, all kinds of businesses can benefit from adding electric car charging facilities.


By tapping into this new market, businesses have the ability to instantly increase revenue  from charging station, and also benefit from offering a convenient service, enhancing their image as advocates of green mobility solutions, increasing the time customers spend at their location and attracting even new ones who are seeking for charging options.

Contact us for receiving the most suitable proposal of EV chraging equipment, according to your needs.